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Rusty Patched Bumble-bee (Bombus affinis) Types Condition Review

Rusty Patched Bumble-bee (Bombus affinis) Types Condition Review

U.S. Fish and you can Creatures Service (USFWS). 2021. Recovery Arrange for the brand new Rusty Patched Bumble-bee (Bombus affinis). Midwest Regional Office, Bloomington, MN.


Predicated on a peek at rusty patched bumble-bee observation info, in most many years, this new rusty patched bumble-bee might only feel energetic over floor between in the February fifteen owing to October 10 and you can April ten courtesy Oct ten, southern area and northern from 42? latitude, correspondingly. Whether or not air temperatures could be romanian hot girls conducive to passion later about slide, cessation regarding trip “is apparently timed with the passing of local slide flowers,” since indexed of the D.F. Schweitzer and others inside 2012.

The newest rusty patched bumble-bee is actually effective under a broad diversity away from standards, however, remains inactive whenever standards are way too cooler otherwise wet. A study one to integrated five bumble-bee types discover minimal calculated heavens temperature to own products that ranged of step 3.six to 12.6°C. There isn’t any similar data toward rusty patched bumble bee, however it is realistic to imagine your kinds might possibly be effective between start and you will dusk from the temperatures as low as throughout the 4°C (39°F) during the seasons revealed a lot more than. Bumble bees don’t generally speaking travel whenever conditions is foggy, rainy or drizzling. Bright months which have low piece of cake speed, regarding below 8 mph, can be max, however they usually fly during sub-optimum criteria.

  • Latitude
  • Latitude >42degrees N: Overwintering months are October 10 as a consequence of April 10. Nesting Several months try April 9 thanks to Oct 9

Schweitzer, D. F., Letter. An excellent. Capuano, B. Age. Young, and you will S. R. Colla. 2012. Preservation and you may management of United states bumble bees. USDA, Forest Provider, Washington, D.C. 17 p.

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All the rusty patched bumble bees keeps a primarily red higher thorax, having a black spot or band within wings that may continue on the the back during the a v-contour, like a flash tack. The bottom of the thorax try black colored. Into the experts and you will males, the initial abdominal sector was purple together with 2nd provides an effective plot out-of rusty hairs into side part of the segment, which have red-colored hairs on the back and you will sides. Rusty patched bumble bee queens are entirely red towards the basic a few abdominal segments additionally the remainder of the intestinal markets try black.


Rusty patched bumble bees was basically noticed in many different habitats, including prairies, forests, marshes, farming terrain and you may residential parks and landscapes, as noted by the S.R. Colla and L. Packer from inside the 2008 and soon after of the S.Roentgen. Colla and you may S. Dumesh this present year. The rusty patched bumble bee requires areas one to service adequate dining, along with nectar and pollen of diverse and you may plentiful plants, in addition to undisturbed nesting sites that are inside the proximity so you’re able to men and women flowery info. This type of bees require also overwintering web sites to possess hibernating queens, once the noted from the D. Goulson and others when you look at the 2015 and you may Potts while some in 2010.

Rusty patched bumble bee environment can be split up conceptually towards nesting and wintering, including foraging environment types, in line with the cousin timing off pollen and you will nectar accessibility. The latest metropolitan areas of pollen and you can nectar sources to your rusty patched bumble-bee can vary throughout the expanding seasons.

I think that the fresh new rusty patched bumble-bee nests inside upland grasslands and shrublands containing forage during the summer and you will slide so when far due to the fact 31 meters to your sides away from tree and you may woodland. During the 2019, J. Lanternman while some described 451 observations of nest-searching decisions because of the queens regarding nine bumble-bee types. Although the rusty patched bumble bee wasn’t one of many 9 types observed, its observations can get shed certain light about how precisely this new variety online searches having nest internet sites. J. Lanternman while some seen queens finding nesting web sites within the discover grassland habitats, however, nest-trying to queens preferred woody transitional habitats more open habitats.

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